Re: Win32 again

"Robert G. Werner" wrote:

I do think a Win32 port of Gtk-perl would take a Win32 port of
gtk+(i.e. gtk+ using native Win32 calls rather than the Cygwin port).
Last I heard that port was in some difficulty or inactive (however,
I haven't followed this closely so I could be wrong about that).

Work continues.  See for a completely
new version.  It is GTK+ 1.3.0, but it *is* for windows.  It is newer
than what was used for the gimp.  Some files are dated Feb 2002...

If you are looking for a windowing toolkit for perl under Win32,
check out Tk.  It has been ported to use native Win32 calls and the
calling syntax is the same,  as far as I know,  across multiple

I have used tk for some time, particularly with tcl.  I'd probably go
with wxWindows for a cross-platform environment if I had to do a
complete rewrite of my code.

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