Re: Getting screen position

muppet wrote:

the Gtk2 docs say

oops --- i pasted from the webpage in mozilla, and didn't realize the conversion to plaintext would insert the hyperlinks... here's the cleaned-up version:

the Gtk2 docs say

   void        gtk_window_get_position         (GtkWindow  *window,
                                                gint  *root_x,
                                                gint  *root_y);

something like

($x, $y) = $gtk2window->get_position;

it would appear, however, that for Gtk1.2 (the old gtkperl) you need to dip down to Gdk for this:

   void        gdk_window_get_position         (GdkWindow *window,
                                                gint  *x,
                                                gint  *y);

aye --- Gtk::reference says of Gtk::Gdk::Window

$window->get_position ()

Get the position of the window. This function croaks if not called in
list context.

so, basically, you want to do

($x, $y) = $gtkwindow->window->get_position;

note, also, the important "->window" --- this accesses the GdkWindow owned by the GtkWidget. remember that the GdkWindow doesn't exist until the widget has been realize()d or show()n.

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