Re: Cannot catch signals from buttons of a gnome-dialog

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 04:33, Sylvain Daubert wrote:

I'm using Gtk-Perl via Glade, and i created a gnome-dialog with stock buttons. On these buttons, via Glade, 
I put signal handlers. But, when I run my app and click on these buttons, handlers are never called.
Where do I make a mistake ?

I use:        Gtk+ 1.2.10
      Gtk-perl (named Gnome-Perl) 0.7008
      Glade-perl 0.60



Without seeing the code it is difficult to tell what might have gone
wrong.  My first guess is that the signals are not connected to the
handlers.  Does your code have lines like:





$gladexml->signal_connect_full (
        sub {

If you would like I could take a look at your code and tell you more,
but this about the best I can do blind.

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