Re: radio buttons problem

On Tue, 2002-04-30 at 14:23, Raf Verholen wrote:
I want to use three radio buttons in my prog,
but i don't know how check which one is selected .

I didn't find the answer in the Gtk-Perl tutorial

can someone help me ?



 It is also a good idea to explicitly set which button should be the
default depressed button with:

$togglebutton->set_active( $state );

This is described in the section on toggle buttons , and works in
exactly the same way. Once the radio buttons are grouped together, only
one of the group may be active at a time. If the user clicks on one
radio button, and then on another, the first radio button will first
emit a "toggled" signal (to report becoming inactive), and then the
second will emit its "toggled" signal (to report becoming active). 

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