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Yes, i received your code and i guess that it would work great. I just
thought that gtk_input_add would notice on its own if a file changed
just by having the filedescriptor. This isn't the case thou and i have
to solve the problem either by using a piped tail or with

I thank everyone that has been a part of this question.

- Johan

On Mon, 2002-04-08 at 15:40, Bhaskar S. Manda wrote:
* Johan Ankarloo <johan ankarloo volvo com> [08 Apr 2002 13:06:27 +0200]:
This is exactly how i has solved it now but i don't think it is a pretty
way of doing it.
So if i haven't got this all wrong you cant use "gtk_input_add" to check
if a file has more data to read from, or?
Have you checked 'tail' source? what does it do? 

Earlier I posted some code with the subject "gtk_input_add - code". If you use
the 'tail -f...' snippet in it, it will do what you want. I tried it before I
went to my socket (because I wanted it to work remotely where the filesystem
may not be visible), but when I had it working there wasn't any latency.

Let me know if that posting didn;t make it to you, and I'll email a copy.


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