Re: gtk_input_add (posted earlier with wrong subject)

Hejsan Johan,

I wasted a lot of time of this as I was sure that there was a way
of doing select() on a file handle and get notification whenever
there is something to read on the opened file. It turns out that
Unix does not support that. (Please prove me wrong! 8-) The only 
way I could get this to work was by polling and each time reading 
to the end of the file. The following code shows the heart of the 

    gtk->timeout_add(500, [\&add_text_from_files, $names_and_handles]);

    # called whenever there is something to read on the file handle
    sub add_text_from_files {
        for my $fnfh (@$file_names_and_handles) {
            my($fn, $fh, $color_idx) = @$fnfh;

            # read till end of file
            while(<$fh>) {
                add_to_text_window($colors[$color_idx], " $_\n");

Hope this helps.

Dov Grobgeld

On Mon, Apr 08, 2002 at 09:50:44AM +0200, Johan Ankarloo wrote:
I am working on a firewall gui and this part is about the log part. 

All logs about this is located into /var/log/messages and i want to
receive a notification about when there is more data ready to read from
the file. Doing it with tail only ignores the problem and put the
problem into tails hand. Perl has to have a way of doing the same thing.

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