Re: Drag and drop from Gtk::Tree to Gtk::CList

I will try to explain how this work.

1. Set the drag_source_set. This initializes what will trigger the drag.
This is done on the source side.
2. Set the drag_dest_set. This trigger what type of drag source that is
allowed. Should match the drag_source_set
3. Connect a 'drag_data_get' signal on the source. Set some data that
you want to transfer to the other side.
4. Connect a 'drag_data_received' on the dest side. Collect the data and
do something useful with it. Remember that if you don't set any data you
wont receive any data!!

$tree->drag_source_set('button1_mask', ['copy',
'move'],{target=>'STRING', flags=>0, info=>0});

        my ($w,$context, $data, $info, $time) = @_;
        my $text = $items[1]->widget->get();
        $data->set($data->target, 8,"my-special-drag-info" );
        return 1;

$clist->drag_dest_set('all', ['copy', 'move'],{'target' => "STRING",
'flags' => 0, 'info' => 0});

        my ($w, $tree, $context, $time, $info, $data) = @_;
        my $data = $data->get();

        "do something with the data"


On Thu, 2002-03-28 at 22:11, Derek Wueppelmann wrote:
On Wed, 2002-03-20 at 15:15, Gavin Jefferies wrote:

I had this problem as well. I hacked arround it by always setting the
row height when creating the list and subtracting by this known when
figuring out the drop row/col. i.e.

I've been watching this thread intently .. Although a bit behind. I was
hoping that this would help me in getting drag and drop working in my
application. However I don't even know where to begin. Any of the
tutorials I've found all have this section omited. Can you or anybody
else point me to a good location for how to get Drag and Drop working.

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