Re: Using new Gtk widgets with Perl


From: Scott Smith <ssmith watson wustl edu>

#  I've found a few Gtk widgets available in raw C which I'd like to use with
#  Perl, specifically GtkSheet (from the GtkExtra set of widgets), and
#  Scintilla.  Both of these have Python bindings but no Perl.  I can't find
#  docs anywhere on how to get a new Gtk widget working with Perl.  Can
#  anyone point me in the right direction?

  you may find a perl interface to the gtk-image-viewer widget at



ps : I was going to (a year ago, sigh) write a tutorial on how to use
   custom gtk widgets from perl, but I never learned enough on how
   it works to actually be able to explain it.

     If you like, I can send you what I've written, but the source at
   the url above should be just as good or better.


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