Re: gtkperl on win32?

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001, Dennis Conrad wrote:

Does anybody know of a port of gtkperl to win32 or has some tips how to
compile it?
Yes, I know it had been asked before, but I can't manage to compile it,
neither with cygwin nor without and I don't want to rewrite my app using
ugly tk- widgets :( Any help is more than welcome!

I see two ways. Using the GTK-X11 port for windows or, the GTK-GDI port.
For the first, you will always need cygwin (
and cygwin/xfree ( The native port seems to 
be a bit old. 
I would advice trying to get it working with the X11 variant and if you 
got a functional module, try to use the native port.

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