fast timout event


I am plotting with GnomeCanvas a graph with data
aquired with a device at the parallel port.

I am using Gtk->timeout event to get the data.
However the timeout even (AFAIK) is limited to
1ms.  Now I need to do it at least at 0.1ms rate.

Is it possible to do it with gtk-perl?

If I was not using perl I could just spawn a new thread 
and let it do it.  I would like to avoid to compile a new 
threadered perl.

Another way would be to fork and let another proccess to 
take care of it and have some kind of ipc to sinc the data.

The best solution would be something in the same proccess
(without forking or threading).  Is there a way to increase
the "resolution" of the timout event?


Raul Dias

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