problem with entry box changed event

Title: problem with entry box changed event


I am having a strange problem in Gtk.  I used Glade to build my gui.

In my main gui window, I have a combo box (call it ComboBoxMain) of 10 elements.  In my gui's main menu bar, I have an option called X.  When X is selected, I show a dialog window which has a combo box (call it ComboBoxDialog) in it and a table.  The ComboBoxDialog has the same 10 elements as the ComboBoxMain.  The dialog's table displays certain data based on the selection in ComboBoxDialog.  The entry box in ComboBoxDialog has a changed signal callback associated with it - call it on_ComboBoxDialog_changed.

When the X menu option is selected, the following is done:

sub on_X_clicked {

    my ($class, $data, $object, $instance, $event) = @_;

    my $me = __PACKAGE__."->on_X_clicked";

    # Get ref to hash of all widgets on our form

    my $mainForm = $__PACKAGE__::all_forms->{$instance};

    my $dialogForm = $__PACKAGE__::all_forms->{'routeControlDialog-1'};

    print "I just called on_X_clicked \n";

    #populate the dropdown with all the data and default to the data already selected in the mainWindow

    my $Selection = $mainForm->{'comboLHEntry'}->get_text();

    $dialogForm->{'physRouteEntry'}->set_text( $Selection );



} # End of sub on_X_clicked 

My changed signal callback is:

sub on_ComboBoxDialog_changed {

    my ($class, $data, $object, $instance, $event) = @_;

    my $me = __PACKAGE__."-> on_ComboBoxDialog_changed";

    # Get ref to hash of all widgets on our form

    my $dialogForm = $__PACKAGE__::all_forms->{'routeControlDialog-1'};


    my $Selection = $dialogForm->{'physRouteEntry'}->get_text();            # this is the data in the Dialog's combo box

    print "physRouteEntry combo box has a change: $Selection \n";


} # End of on_ComboBoxDialog_changed

So I would expect that every time menu option X is selected,  $dialogForm->{'physRouteEntry'}->set_text( $Selection ) would set off  the signal on_ComboBoxDialog_changed  to get executed once.  Hence I should only see one print statement executed from on_ComboBoxDialog_changed.  Actually, it gets executed twice every time.  I tried stepping through with the perl debugger and I get the signal executed twice when a set_text is done.

Any ideas on what am I doing wrong?  Is there something besides set_text I can use here accomplish the same task but only execute the callback once?



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