Re: Gtk-Perl and OpenGL

On 11/06/01 Jens Luedicke wrote:
I installed the GtkGLArea debian packages, and tried
to use the two examples, but I saw that I needed OpenGL
module to get them to work.

But the OpenGL Module is somehow broken: Going to build K/KJ/KJALB/OpenGL-0.5.tar.gz

This is very old and doesn't build cleanly anymore.
Download the one from
IIRC it build with just a small fix.
I plan to create a debian package for it, maybe next week-end,
anyone got a time-expander handy for my little 24-hours days? :-)

(Paolo: btw, the Debian GtkHTML packges is broken as well)

libgtkhtml changes API every other week. Luckily, there should be a new
stable release one of these days: I'll update the binding to match that
when it hits the master archive.


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