Re: Gnome::Print - Looking for example code

On 11/02/01 Christoph Lorenz wrote:
has anybody got some example code (besides the slides for Gtk-Perl),
that shows me, how I can use Gnome::Print?

What I want is something like the printing functionality of Gnumeric with
its powerful "printing center" (don't know a better term for the screens,
where I can change the paper size, orientation, preview, print into a
file, etc.)

It's a custom dialog created in gnumeric itself, you can load it with
glade (on my system it's /usr/share/gnumeric/0.74-bonobo/glade/
If you provide the glue, you can easily reuse it in your app directly
using the Gtk::GladeXML module (if your app is GPL, of course, since
gnumeric is a GPL app).
The glue you need to provide is the signal handlers for the buttons
and maybe some other small stuff.
The preview is done with a Gnome::Print widget: the module source has an
example in GnomePrint/samples/


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