Re: GTKLabel

On 03/10/01 budman wrote:
I'm writing an applet that uses GTKLabel.  It works fine, except ...
using the set_text, if the label contains the same text as the update, it zeros
out the text.
I ended up clearing the label text, then writing the new data.        

That is really strange: something other than that must be happening. 
use Gtk qw(-init);

$w=new Gtk::Window;
$l = new Gtk::Label('a');
Gtk->timeout_add(1000, sub{

It works fine here.

Maybe it's a bug in the expose of the GtkFixed container when it's
embedded in the panel?

      I originally used a vbox, but then chose a fixed widget so I can place
a pixmap on the bkgnd.

Wrong way to do it.

      Is there a way to place a xpm pixmap as a background image?  (like the
tiles on the panel)
      I was reading about the style widget - can I assign a pixmap background
using style, and vbox?

Check Gtk/samples/ in the cvs sources.
Or you can use $widget->window->set_back_pixmap($pixmap, $parent_rel);


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