Re: Cancelling a fileselection widget

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$window->cancel_button->signal_connect("clicked", sub {

$window is in this case a Gtk::FileSelection object.

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From: Bob Wilkinson <bob9960 btinternet com>
To: gtk-perl-list gnome org
Subject: Cancelling a fileselection widget


     I have a fileselection widget in my application. I've associated a signal
handler with the cancel button. However, none of the things I've tried work as
I'd like.

    Gtk->exit(0) kills the whole application - I only want to kill the widget.

    I've tried the obvious things, like calling close on the fileselection 
object, but this method isn't recognised. I found that a fileselection ISA
Gtk::Window, but this doesn't have a close method associated with it, either.



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