Re: Unexpected segfaults: segfault branch created

On 03/01/01 dLux wrote:
Here is a stack trace of one segfault:
Regards, and waiting for your answer,


PS: I think  Gtk::GladeXML module is a lot faster than  PyGlade! It is
very  good,  and  increases  the  chance for  it  to  be  on  handheld
computers.  Currently  pyGtk  and  pyGlade  _is_  on  the  iPAQ  Linux
distro, but I  think perl is more  suitable for this. I  want to thank
you if you help me to put perl+Gtk into iPAQ.

Eh, I want an iPAQ to hack on, then! :-)
Anyway, today I actually looked at what happened: in some cases a string
the may later be freed was stored in an hash table and the lookup lead
to a pointer pointing to garbage. The bug should be fixed in cvs.

Thanks for the report!


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