Re: Use of Bonobo in Gtk Perl

On 02/28/01 Alvaro del Castillo wrote:
I want to use the actual Bonobo bindings but I can't compile it.
I have installed:

CORBA::ORBit 0.4.3

and when I try to compile Bonobo Perl:

Cannot load CORBA::ORBit::Install::Files: Can't locate

I think that i need a more recent CORBA::ORBit version but i can't find
i have take the CVS verision and it is 0.4.3 and in the Owen pages
thre isn't a newer version.

You need to apply the patch supplied in the Bonobo directory
(corba-orbit.diff) to the CORBA::ORBit in the gnome cvs (module name


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