Re: A couple of small bugs + patches

"Charlie Schmidt" <ishamael themes org> writes:

it makes perfect sense in C, as Gtk+ has its own object system.
it returns a GtkWidget, but you can just use the macro:


to cast it as a menu.

i think that the bindings should be as accurate as possible so:

bless(bless $objectmenu->get_menu, 'Gtk::Menu');

After thinking about this for a while, I think that this is not a good

In an object-oriented system, an object should know what kind of class
it is. The programmer should never have to cast an object into its
correct class; the language should take care of that. Just because C
programmers are forced to do this doesn't make it right; it just
demonstrates that the C language does not have much support for
object-oriented design.  Since gtk-perl is able to bless a Gtk object
into its real class, it should do so.

This is especially true in consideration of the fact that a Gtk::Menu
ISA Gtk::Widget, so returning a Gtk::Menu will not affect any programs
that are expecting a Gtk::Widget.

I will leave it up to Paolo, but, IMO, unnecessarily forcing Perl
programmers to bless objects into the correct class is a bad design.

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