read window-size how?


i've been struggling with this problem, and i cannot solve it. i simply
cannot determine the actual size of a Gtk::Window (a Gnome::App actually)

* default_height/width works only for the preset default values
* height/width shows the minimal available values (like usize)
* get_size() doesn't exist (i've read about this in the perl-gtk-ref.pdf)

i've read about a gnome_geometry_string() function, but i don't know how
to use it in gnome-perl.

i've read the reference for API 2.0, but haven't seen anything that might
be any use for me in this problem.

please help me, i MUST be able to save+reload (set_default_size works
really fine), but i don't know how. ;(

TIA, bye, Pemga

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