Re: Gtk-perl for windows?

Am Samstag, 30. Juni 2001 11:34 schrieben Sie:
Has anyone been told that "Perl for Windows" -- is true Perl?
Perl for windoze is same, like Sun JAVA (tm) for Spectrum ZX-80, IMHO.

So does this mean I should be able to build it?  A few people on the
gtk-win-dev list told me there's a bunch of library problems.

I think he wanted to say something like perl for windows sucks because it is 
fucking slow. Well, a Windows PIII 500 is a little bit slower than a ZX-80, 
so his example wasn't right... [*rofl*]

I have tested Active Perl on a DEC Alpha Windows NT [GameBoy] and it was 
really really really veeeeeeeerrry slow, so forget it.

Wenn Microsoft Autos bauen würde ...
müßte ein neues Auto gekauft werden, sobald die Fahrbahnmarkierungen
erneuert würden.

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