Re: Gnome::Spell problems

It is probably because I am not closing something properly, but
I can't find it.  Ideas?  I'm using the CVS version of GtkPerl from
around Jun 13th and gnome-libs-1.2.11.
   $w->signal_connect('destroy', sub { $sp->kill; $w->destroy; });
   $w->signal_connect('delete_event', sub { $sp->kill; $w->destroy; });
   $b->signal_connect('clicked', sub { $sp->kill; $w->destroy; });

There is a problem in the C library, so you should avoid killing the
ispell process: remove the $sp->kill calls and it should be more stable.

Thanks for providing the test case for this.


It is still crashing frequently.  I may take a look at the gnome C source
and see if it is worth it or may just put this off for a little while.


Andrew Schretter
Systems Programmer, Duke University
Dept. of Mathematics (919) 660-2866

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