Getting object parameter from libglade


I'm working with Gtk::GladeXML to get the widgets and Glade 0.6.2.
On glade I create a GtkFileSelection widget asigning the signal
clicked on the ok_button as follow:
Signal: clicked
Handler: on_ok_button_clicked
Data: some_data
Objeto: some_object

Well, my perl code can run my widget, but I only gets two arguments,
not three as expected.

My code look like:

sub on_btn_browse_settings_clicked {
        my $xml = new Gtk::GladeXML("glade/");
        $file = $xml->get_widget('fileselection');
        show $file;

sub on_ok_button_clicked {
        my($widget, $data, $object) = @_;
        print Dumper($widget);
        print Dumper($data);
        print Dumper($object);

And I get:
$VAR1 = bless( {
                 '_gtk' => 136573064
               }, 'Gtk::Button' );
$VAR1 = 'some_data';
$VAR1 = undef;

So, where is 'some_object'?

But, If I try:
my $xml = new Gtk::GladeXML("glade/");
$file = $xml->get_widget('fileselection');
$file->ok_button->signal_connect("clicked", \&on_ok_button_clicked,     

it works.   But, IMHO is not the idea to define the signal manually.

Any idea or hint?

Thanks in advance,

German Poo Caaman~o
mailto:gpoo ubiobio cl

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