GtkHTML 0.10 Problems

Apparently there were some major changes to the GtkHTML package
in its most recent upgrade.  I tried to patch up 7.008 of the
perl wrapper to work with it, but they added more frame support
a new type HTML_OBJECT that I was unable to figure out how to
make work with perl.

Has anyone taken a look at this?

The killer change was from :

void       gtk_html_set_iframe_parent       (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GtkWidget *parent);


void       gtk_html_set_iframe_parent       (GtkHTML *html,
                                             GtkWidget *parent,
                                             HTMLObject *frame);

There were some other warnings, but those were there before the
upgrade.  I just don't know how to define a new type like HTMLObject.


Andrew Schretter
Systems Programmer, Duke University
Dept. of Mathematics (919) 660-2866

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