set the default font on a Gtk::Text widget

I am a newbie, I have read as much of the documentation as I can find
but cannot find an answer to my problem.

How do I permanently set the default font of a Gtk::Text widget. I have

my $font =
my $text = new Gtk::Text(undef,undef);


This has no effect either for (default) output or for input. 

I can deal with output by:-

$text->insert($font, undef, undef, "foo");

but I cannot affect the input font on an editable window.

I have a supplimentary question:-

In an 'activate' callback how do I obtain the last line typed in by the
user? Oh and how do I make sure that the focus remains on the edittable
Gtk::Text window (there are two text widgets, one for display, one for
input [it is a classical chat type app]).


Dirk Koopman G1TLH

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