Re: Gtk::io patch

Paolo Molaro wrote:

timeout is best handled with a sub timeout {} as described in the
IO::Socket manpage (ie a setter/getter method). This means that
once you created an IO::Socket::INET, for example, and rebless it to
Gtk::io::INET, you can just use:

        $socket->timeout (NEW_TIMEOUT);

But this doesn´t seem to work with Gtk::io,  the timeout in _sweeper is independent of the IO::Socket timeout 

I would be open to making the two mechanisms work together.   Attached is another patch for that
you may find a little more to your liking.  But I´ve been playing with IO::Socket::timeout for a couple of 
hours now and

I cannot make anything timeout through that mechanism.  This patch doesn´t so much work with it as override 

What do you think?  (oh and have a nice weekend)


as you would do with any other socket. You can just have it change
the global setting, but you'll get extra points if you'll make
the setting per-socket.

As for pending, it would be nice to have a couple of extra methods to
query if there is some action pending on the socket or to remove
a request.

sub is_pending {
        my ($socket, $cond) = @_;
        # $cond can be 'read' or 'write', if not given checks for both
        # returns the condition pending (again, read, write or both)
        # returns undef if not pending

sub cancel_request {
        my ($socket, $cond) = @_;
        # again, $cond is optional and works as above


I didn´t  need to expose the pending structure.
RCS file: /cvs/gnome/gnome-perl/Gtk/,v
retrieving revision 1.1
diff -u -r1.1
---       2001/01/07 18:19:30     1.1
+++       2001/07/13 20:19:38
@@ -1,9 +1,24 @@
 package Gtk::io;
+#use IO::Socket;
+use strict;
-my %pending = ();
+my  %pending = ();
 my $sweepid;
 my $timeout = 2;
+sub timeout {
+  my($self,$val) = @_;
+  my $prevtimeout = $timeout;
+  if($val>0){
+        $timeout = $val;
+        $self->IO::Socket::timeout($val);
+  }else{
+        $self->IO::Socket::timeout($timeout);
+  }
+  $prevtimeout;
 sub get_pending {
        my $fd = shift;
        if (defined $fd) {
@@ -20,7 +35,7 @@
                while ( ($k, $v) = each %pending) {
                        next unless ref $v;
                        if ($now - $v->[1] > $timeout) {
-                               warn "Timeout on $k\n";
+                               warn "Timeout on $k after $timeout seconds\n";
                                $pending{$k} = undef;
@@ -83,10 +98,18 @@
 package Gtk::io::INET;
+use IO::Socket::INET;
+use vars qw(@ISA);
 @ISA = qw(Gtk::io IO::Socket::INET);
 package Gtk::io::UNIX;
+use IO::Socket::UNIX;
+use vars qw(@ISA);
 @ISA = qw(Gtk::io IO::Socket::UNIX);
 package Gtk::io::Pipe;
+use IO::Pipe;
+use vars qw(@ISA);
 @ISA = qw(Gtk::io IO::Pipe);

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