Re: Gtk-perl for windows?

On Saturday 30 June 2001 17:34, Nate Mueller wrote:
| > Has anyone been told that "Perl for Windows" -- is true Perl?
| > Perl for windoze is same, like Sun JAVA (tm) for Spectrum ZX-80, IMHO.
| So does this mean I should be able to build it?  A few people on the
| gtk-win-dev list told me there's a bunch of library problems.
|       --Nate

So, I answer on it:

Hello, Nate!
It's may-be able -- I du'n'no. But will be: 
a) bugly
b) ugly
c) crashable

...because GTK+ port for Windoze is very early-stage Alpha. 
Resume: PerlGTK Alpha (sorry Dermot, nothing personal!) plus WinGTK Alpha =
not seems very usable thing, IMHO. :o)

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