Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed!


After pressing the 'Build' button in Glade the system reports:

logoM:~/gui/tst1> --------------------------------------------------------
      DIAGNOSTICS (locale <en_US> verbosity 2) started by Glade::PerlProject (version 0.57) at Tue Jan 30 11:16:18 CET 2001
    - Using default output files in Glade <project><source_directory> in Glade::PerlGenerate->Write_to_File
    - Saving project options in file '/edsRel/home/edsp3/gui/tst1/tst.glade2perl.xml'
    - Gtk-Perl reported version 0.7003 (CVS 20000816)
    - gnome-libs reported version 1.2.4

Gdk-WARNING **: shmget failed!

-The generated code seems OK, but after reading the man-page's usage 'shmget - allocates a shared memory segment' this warning sounds bad.
-Starting the application 'tst' shows the warning again. Not shure: Something seen in this context with IMlib

Machine has 256 MB memory. Are there memory leaks? Any idea to avoid this warning?


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