Re: Gnome::Print

On 01/25/01 Jens Luedicke wrote:
It seems that Gnome::Print doesn't accept
a newline when using something like ...

my $print_master = new Gnome::PrintMaster;
my $context = $print_master->get_context;


A stroke does nothing here.

$context->moveto(15, 800);
$context->show("From: $from\n");

Think of it as if you're writing postscript: it doesn't handle
the layout for you in the same way that $gdkpixmap->draw_text()
doesn't handle the newline or the TAB character.
So, you should drop the newline, replace the TABs with the proper
amount of spaces and moveto() to different positions for
different lines.
The gomeprint library actually has the support for laying out
multiline text (handling justification as well as other properties)
but the output is supported only in the old PS driver.
Anyway, I'm going to commit that code now, but don't blame me
if it doesn't work! :-)


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