Re: Starting an X-application seems to block the GUI

On 01/30/01 ws wrote:
I see some strange looking things in my application:

-Starting X-applications (e.g. gv and xedit) out of glade/perl pressing
the 'OK' button the GUI is not refreshed (to test send gv to 'Back')
until the child has died.
-The 'Refresh' command sent to the windowmanager works on all tools
(also on Glade's builder) but not on the GUI.
-Pressing GUIs 'Cancel' button does'nt work but will be memorized (GUI
disappears after the child has died).

I can demonstrate this in a mini-app 'tst', consisting of a GtkWindow, a
GtkHBox and the buttons OK and Cancel.
All code in is generated except the sub 'OK_bt_clicked' used to
start the X-applications using back ticks.

The X-application seems to block the GUI, how can I avoid that?

What I really want ist to start a application and read back immediatly
all things going in earlier times to the console.
Optional giving up this guidance after a second (applic has then checked
some things) and have the GUI and the application separated.
Is this possible?

Uhm, I can't undestand exactly what you want to do, but:

        `xedit &`;

is not the right way to run an external application from a GUI.

        system("xedit &");

is one correct solution to the problem.
backticks in perl are used to collect the standard output of an application:
to do that in a Gtk app without blocking the user interface, you need to
open a pipe to the app and setup an I/O callback with:

        Gtk::Gdk->input_add(fileno(PIPE), 'read', sub {...});


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