Re: other click than right

mvillers apkala com (Mickael VILLERS) wrote:

I've search how to receive event for others mouse
click than right but I didn't found
My objective is to open a box when I left-click on one
of the node of a CTree

I have steel $ctree->signal_connect( 'select_row', \&selection_made );
which works fine for the right-click

I think this should work:

  $ctree->signal_connect('button_press_event', sub {
    my ($widget, $event) = @_;

    # this maps the click coordinate to clist row/column
    my ($row, $column) = $widget->get_selection_info( $event->{x}, $event->{y} );

    # which button was pressed?
    if ( $event->{button} == 1 ) {
      # left button

    } elsif ( $event->{button} == 3 ) {
      # right button
  } );



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