of colours, tables, and args

  I have three questions:

        1) I'm building a table each cell with a piece of text in it; the way I'm
          doing that is to create a label in each cell.  Is that the appropriate way
          to do it? It seems wasteful to create so many widgets for something so

  2) Given such a table it has the default theme background but what I actually
           want is the text of the table to be plainer, something neat like black
                 on white or the like. I can't seem to find in any of the documentation
                 how to change the background of a widget.  Pointers to an example
                 would be appreciated.  Is this something to do with a GtkStyle?

        3) Given (2) I was wondering if I should be attacking 'arguments' - can I use
        the query_args function from gtk-perl? Again an example would be useful.

Thanks in advance,
Requests to RTFM will be happily accepted along with a pointer to an M to R.


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