Re: Problems with Gtk::Text and set_pointer and Text widget questions

Michel Blanc wrote:

I have a problem with the Text widget. When I try to use set_point(), I
always get :

"Use of uninitialized value in subroutine entry at line 143"

I use the demo Text widget example, and just add the following :

$text->signal_connect ("button_press_event" => \&button_press);

This is possibly a bug. I also had no luck with ->set_point, it was just
ignored (yes, I don't like warnings ;), at least with version 0.7007. I
didn't check 0.7008 yet.

Also, is there anyway to navigate the widget using, for instance
something similar to Tk indices (linestart, end, @x,y  etc...) ? 

I'm very interested in the answer ;) For example I don't like they way
of navigating up and down, skipping virtual wrapped lines. I would
prefer just walk through any visible line, independent from being part
of a wrapped line or not.


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