Of Gtk::Gdk::ImlibImage

  To learn Gtk-perl a bit I've been writing a little space invader game (I
prefer learning languages by doing pointless things).

  I have one problem left that I haven't yet solved and that is how to do
a more accurate ship/bomb intersection on the canvas.  At the moment I'm just
using the bounding box (and once I had done the coordinate i2w conversion) that
works OK but I'd like to get a bit more precision by looking at the image
representing the ship. I'm using load_image to read the image from an xpm file.

  I can't seem to find the appropriate way of testing a pixel value at a
given x,y offset in my ImLibImage (i.e. the ship!) image. (Actually I want
the mask and not the value).

  Is there a way to do this from ImLibImage in gtk-perl? If ImLibImage is not
the right tool for the job what is?

Thanks in advance,

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