refreshing a clist in a window

I've been working on a recipe organizer for my wife using Perl and
GTK. It's been really fun, and I've learned a lot. However, I can't
figure out how to update a CList in a window. Here's my code to
initially create the clist and put it in the window (this works

  #get the recipe list in the main windows
  my $recipe_clist = show_recipe_list(); #calls a sub that builds it

  ## pack everything in ##
  $window_main->set_contents( $recipe_clist);

  ## show everything in the main windows ##
  show_all $window_main;

Here is my subroutine to refresh it (doesn't work):

  sub refresh_main_window {
        $recipe_clist = show_recipe_list() || die "Problem on
exchange: $!";
        $recipe_clist->show_now() || die "Problem on show: $!";

My instinct was to hide the CList (which happens), redefine the
CList, then redisplay it in the window (never happens -- thus my

The error message returned from the "$recipe_clist->show_now()" line
says 'Resource temporarily unavailable'.

Any solutions or ideas for further investigation?



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