Re: Event-driven programming

On 04/24/01 dLux wrote:
I have  a question regarding  to the event-driven programming  in Gtk.
I  have  read  the  Gtk::cookbook,  so  the  question  is  quite  more
advanced than the things found there.
  I  want  to design  a  general  event-driven mechanism  which  works
between  processes,  not only  inside  a  single  program. I  want  to
declare system-global names  (imagine this like file  names) for data,
and I want to  install handlers for this file changes.  I think I make
a pipe  with the system-global name  in a specified name,  e.g. I will
make a  pipe in /tmp/comm/todo_data.  But the  problem is that  a pipe
is  only one  good for  one-to-one communication.  I want  one-to-more
communication without too much complexity.
  Currently I  am thinking about a  daemon, which binds a  unix domain
socket, and accepts  connections. If someone writes to  the socket, it
multiplexes  that  to the  other  sockets.  Sophisticated methods  can
also  be developed  (it  can maintain  subscriber's  list for  events,
  Does anyone has more elegant solution for this problem?

Not really a gtk/perl question, but....
You should probably have a look at the perlipc manpage.
The POE module may be also useful to some extent, maybe to
get some ideas out of it.


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