Re: Size of GtkPerl (compared to PyGtk)

Am Dienstag, 24. April 2001 20:37 schrieben Sie:

I  have found  that the  is about  800-900K, and  the size  of
PyGtk  is  about  400-500K.  Anyone, who  knows  both  interfaces  can
answer why this difference occurs in the glue-size?

            "Don't THINK you are - KNOW you are"
                                       (Morpheus, The Matrix)

I think perl is a different language to python and you have to implement 
functions on a different way. I wouldn't suffer about 900 kb more, people 
with x-servers should have enough space for it.

I have made up a program which I distribute with gtkperl so the user don't 
have to install gtkperl on their system. It is only 700 kbs (packed with 
gzip) and it doesn't need any gtk library either.

David Weisgerber

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