Re: Gtk-Perl 0.7003 released

On Mon, 11 Sep 2000 17:10:46 +0200, Paolo Molaro said:

On 08/16/00 Maher Awamy wrote:
 > Yeah, it does fix some leaks in GC's but styles leaks are still there, I
 > just thought I'd let you know.
 Could you provide a small test case for this leak?

hmm.. well It would be a long example here is pseudo code
$styles (two) created at the start of the program and used through out the whole thing.
$window has two $scrolledwindows in a $vpane 
$scrolledwindow1 has a $ctree
$scrolledwindow2 has a $clist
as you select a $node from the $ctree, the $clist gets inserted with some stuff
that gets styles applied one for normal, one for bold
as you switch nodes, mem increases by 20k or more sometimes. Also each time you
refresh the $ctree (which has the smae styles applied) mem increases by some
amount of k...

 > Oh I thought you just came back from one, hehe
 Eh, is there something wrong with that?:-)

No, I just wish I had as much vacations as you had *grin*


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