Has anyone used sockets with socket_steal?

I have an app that works well.  I decided to embed an xclock into it.  I
did this
$sock = new Gtk::Socket;
$win_id = 0x2000009;
$vbox->pack_start($sock,TRUE, TRUE,5);

When it runs the running xclock is no longer visible, vbox is sized to
hold the xclock (if I use another app instead of xclock, the size does
change as appropriate), but there is no image in my window.  I tried
moving the steal before the pack_start, adding a $sock->realize (which
blows up with errors about adding styles, and there are no styles in
that vbox) in various places, and explicitly showing sock.  Sometimes
when I resize the main application window the xclock appears in its own

I have gtk+ 1.2.6 with Gtk-Perl .7003 on Linux (mostly RH6.2).

Any help would be appreciated.
John McDermott, Writer and Consultant
J-K International, Ltd.
V +1 505/377-6293  F +1 505/377-6313
jjm jkintl com

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