Possible buglets?

I found two behaviors in Gtk-Perl that might be buglets:
1) It appears that it is not possible to supply a "callback_data"
argument to Itemfactory::create_items.  The Gtk C call for
gtk_item_factory_create_items is:
void        gtk_item_factory_create_items   (GtkItemFactory *ifactory,
                                              guint n_entries,
                                              gpointer callback_data);

One can specify the entries to the Gtk-Perl method, but passing the
callback_data causes perl do dump core :-).  Looking a the C code for
the implementation, it seems that the callback_data is always set to

2) It seems that there is no implementation for GTK_TEXT_INDEX which
returns the character at the insertion point of a text widget.  This is
useful, for example, when truncating a text box, for finding deleting
whole lines in the text widget.

I have found Gtk-Perl to be very useful.  The ease with which I can
change a GUI is extermely nice.  I do have one question, though:  I have
read that perl005 is not really "safe" with respect to signals and was
wondering if input_add and timeout_add were "safe"; that is if there was
danger of data corruption using them?

John McDermott, Writer and Consultant
J-K International, Ltd.
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