Re: Support for custom widgets

On Wednesday 13 December 2000 05:16, Etienne Grossmann wrote:
  I was wondering how to access in perl a widget that is not in the
standard gtk distribution, such as gtkdatabox?
  If I succeed, should I try to write a "Using a custom widget" entry
for the gtk-perl tutorial?

Please post any tips you have.  I'm working on a project that has
several widgets implemented in Perl that really need to be re-done in
C, but I just don't have time to flail away in complete ignorance.
Gtkdatabox and gtk+extra are existing custom widgets that I also would
love to be able to use.  I would be most grateful for any help you can
pass along.

Perhaps a starting place would be a skeleton or example widget that
could be included in the gtk-perl distribution.

 Joe Smith
 jes home martnet com

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