[gtk-osx-users] Newer macOS version (12.0) than being linked (11.0)


My configuration is macOS 12, I just built:

% jhbuild bootstrap-gtk-osx
% jhbuild build python3
% jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap

When I build my program I got a lot of:
ld: warning: dylib (/usr/local/xnadalib-2021/lib/libgtk-3.dylib) was built for newer macOS version (12.0) 
than being linked (11.0)

It is not so clear.
What is this actually meaning?

This seems just to be a warning but my program shows some erroneous GTK executions.

How to deal with it?

NB : with GTK which was built when I was on macOS 11, I have no warning and no issue to build my program on 
macOS 12.

Thanks, Pascal.

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