Re: [gtk-osx-users] Module From Scratch - Dependencies

On 2017 May 17, at 20:01, John Ralls <jralls ceridwen us> wrote:

Yes, atk is part of meta-gtk-osx-core and meta-gtk-osx-gtk3. atk1 isn't, but it's probably just a Finkism 
for atk. There are a bunch of those in your list, including anything ending with "dev" and anything with a 
version. jhbuild builds libraries from source so you always get the headers along with the libraries. Grep 
for only the project name, e.g. 'gtk+'--or better 'id=".*gtk+.*"'. To see what will build when you specify 
a meta-module, list the module: `jhbuild list meta-gtk-osx-core`.

        Good to know.

Beware when porting from Fink that (last I checked, anyway) Fink builds only X11 variants and gtk-osx 
builds only Quartz variants. If the application you're trying to port uses X11 or Xft directly (bypassing 
gtk) then it won't build under gtk-osx. MacPorts supports both so its package file for the app might be a 
better starting point.

        I *think* it’ll work w/o X11, as we recently added a QT frontend.  I’ll check, though.

Aside from those two, gtk-osx doesn't have modules for glitz, sdl, sdl-mixer, or libcurl. The rest will be 
built by bootstrap, meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap, meta-gtk-osx-freetype, and meta-gtk-osx-core. 

        Beautiful, that’s exactly what i was looking for.

And BTW, gtk-osx is focussed on developers who want to ship their own applications as Mac application 
bundles. It's not intended for users who simply want to run some random Linux app on their Macs: That's 
what Homebrew and MacPorts are for.

        Understood; the Fink package is sufficient for my needs.  I am here on behalf of the Freeciv project 
as we would like to be able to distribute a Mac binary.

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