[gtk-osx-users] Is there a gtk+-3 OSX list?

Hi All,

I haven't subscribed to the list yet, because the list page says this list is of GTK+-2 on OS X and I'm trying to build GTK+-3, so please reply directly to <tbr acm org>.

If this list is OK for GTK+-3 questions, let me know and I'll sign up :).

My question, in case GTK+-3 questions are OK, is that I'm running into an error:

*** Error during phase checkout of pango: Failed to find patch: /Users/john/Development/GTK-OSX/gtk-osx-build/patches/pango-coretext-size-and-scaling.patch *** [29/42]

And no, I'm not /Users/john, that's a direct copy/paste of the error message produced by running jhbuild in /Users/gtk by the user gtk.

Any info will be appreciated.


Tom Rushworth

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