Re: [gtk-osx-users] Error building gobject-introspection

On Jun 3, 2016, at 5:07 AM, Esteban Fuentes <sanestebon gmail com> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am trying to install gtk+ on OSX following the instructions in:

I get this error:

dyld: lazy symbol binding failed: Symbol not found: _g_cocoa_notification_backend_get_type
  Referenced from: /Users/EJF/gtk/inst/lib/libgio-2.0.0.dylib
  Expected in: flat namespace

when I try to do

   jhbuild build meta-gtk-osx-bootstrap meta-gtk-osx-core

I am on OS X 10.11.5

You probably need to update your .jhbuildrc-custom to handle

If you have a gtk-osx clone you can just do a pull and then re-copy or link jhbuildrc-gtk-osx-custom-example. 
If not you could delete .jhbuildrc-custom and re-run If you've customized it for your 
own use, you might prefer to just apply

John Ralls

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