[gtk-osx-users] Pasting images from clipboard

Is pasting images from the clipboard supported in GTK 2.x for OS X?

In my app, the same code doesn't work on OS X but works OK on all other platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD, ...).

Actual code goes like this:

- paste is initialized by call to:

    GtkClipboard *clipboard = gtk_widget_get_clipboard (g_text.m_pWidget, GDK_SELECTION_CLIPBOARD);
    gtk_clipboard_request_targets(clipboard, OnPasteClipboardTargetsReceivedFunc, NULL);

- inside OnPasteClipboardTargetsReceivedFunc callback, I do actual pasting with:

    if(gtk_targets_include_image(atoms, n_atoms, FALSE)){

        GtkPixbuf *pixbuf = gtk_clipboard_wait_for_image(clipboard);


            gtkMessageBox(_("Failed to open image from the clipboard!"));



This GTK API call fails consistently all the time (returning NULL) on OS X (triggering error message box below).

Is this a known issue?

Note that pasting works OK for other types of content (text, RTF), but naturally I use different calls to fetch those.

The app is bundled with all image loaders, inserting image from file works OK, only clipboard operation is problematic.



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