[gtk-osx-users] [Gtk-osx-users] gtk-doc no longer needs --with-xml-catalog?


When following the instructions on the GnuCash wiki for building from git
on OS X Yosemite, xcodebuild -version = 6.1.1, I run in this error message when
trying to build gtk-doc on the 'jhbuild build' step:


checking for python extension module directory... ${exec_prefix}/lib/python2.7/site-packages
checking for openjade... no
checking for jade... no
configure: WARNING: Could not find openjade or jade, so SGML is not supported
checking for xsltproc... /Users/robg/gnucash-git/bin/xsltproc
checking for dblatex... no
checking for fop... no
configure: WARNING: neither dblatex nor fop found, so no pdf output from xml
checking for XML catalog... /Users/robg/gnucash-git/etc/xml/catalog
checking for xmlcatalog... /Users/robg/gnucash-git/bin/xmlcatalog
checking for DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog... not found
configure: error: could not find DocBook XML DTD V4.3 in XML catalog
*** Error during phase configure of gtk-doc: ########## Error running ./configure --prefix /Users/robg/gnucash-git --libdir '/Users/robg/gnucash-git/lib' --with-xml-catalog=$JHBUILD_PREFIX/etc/xml/catalog   *** [12/72]


A commit[1] to the jhbuild git repository on Dec 31 indicates that the xmlcatalog
is now installed in share/ instead of etc/ as of gtk-osx-docbook version 1.2.

That seems to imply that the autogenargs attribute for gtk-doc that specifies
--with-xml-catalog in the file gtk-osx/modulesets-stable/gtk-osx-bootstrap.modules
needs to be removed (line 118 of [2]):

<autotools id="gtk-doc" autogen-sh="configure"
    <branch version="1.21" module="gtk-doc/1.21/gtk-doc-1.21.tar.xz"
      <dep package="libxml2"/>
      <dep package="itstool"/>
      <dep package="yelp-tools"/>

Removing this locally causes gtk-doc to build for me now. Now to figure out why
openssl-1.0.1j does not build for me ...



[1] https://git.gnome.org/browse/jhbuild/commit/?id=aba48bdbe6fdd2b9e765ae9635f449efa27476e5
[2] https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk-osx/tree/modulesets-stable/gtk-osx-bootstrap.modules
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