[gtk-osx-users] gtksourceview3 on EI Capitan: font blurring?


I'm using gtksourceview3 in EI Capitan on a retina macbookPro.  

While I'm trying to use meld from: (I run it by `bin/meld' directly)

I find the font rendering is terrible.  See screenshot:

You can see the font in the editor blurs a lot. But the menu and
preferences font are okay.

I tested the same with gedit, which is also using
gtksourceview3. Something interesting: when you just insert a few bytes,
the font looks perfect; but when it grows to like 4KB, the blurring
suddenly comes up!  Here is screenshot comparison:

Both gedit, gtksourceview3 are installed via HomeBrew.

Any ideas? 


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