Re: [gtk-osx-users] Building WebKit with GTK3.

On Sep 4, 2014, at 3:35 AM, Pascal <p p14 orange fr> wrote:


During WebKit build, I’ve got this error:
cmd$ ~/.local/bin/jhbuild build webkit
./configure --prefix /Users/blady/gtk/inst --libdir '/Users/blady/gtk/inst/lib' --with-target=quartz 
--disable-video --with-font-backend=pango --with-gtk=2.0  
*** Configuring WebKit *** [18/18]
checking for PANGO... no
configure: error: Package requirements (pango >= 1.12
                  pangoft2) were not met:

No package 'pangoft2' found

Whereas I’ve only installed GTK3, is there a way to install WebKit for GTK3?

That's what you get for building modules separately instead of listing them all on one line: WebKit pulled in 
meta-gtk-osx-fontconfig, but since you'd already built meta-gtk-osx-gtk3 with a separate command, it was too 
late. Had you included webkit in the first build command, jhbuild would have gotten everything in the right 
order and you wouldn't have had the problem.

To fix it now, do
 jhbuild buildone --force --clean pango
 jhbuild webkit

John Ralls

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