Re: [gtk-osx-users] trying to integrate an eventtrap into gtk-osx-application

On Oct 8, 2014, at 7:32 AM, Eric Le Lay <kerik-sf users sourceforge net> wrote:

Hello John,

I'd like to respond to multimedia keys (play-pause, next, previous)
in a Gtk application bundle for OSX.

It seems to be possible using quartz events (see CGEventTapCreate).
I've gone so far as to get running code (attached as a diff).

I register the event trap in an applicationDidFinishLaunching delegate
handler added to GtkApplicationDelegate.c.
I do intercept multimedia key and can swallow them at will.
Now there is a little problem: when I close the gtk window, the
whole screen freezes. I have to ssh from another computer and kill the
app. It would indicate that the event tap is no more processing
Is there any chance of fixing my code or is it a doomed path anyway
and I should use a separate helper app with its own pure quartz event

That’s not something I’ve ever played with, but perhaps your event tap isn’t getting disabled. It’s possible 
for a Gtk application to end without getting the ApplicationWillTerminate notification, so make sure that the 
tap is actually getting removed. I have trouble believing that’s really the problem, though, because when the 
program terminates the run loop will be destroyed and that should take the event tap with it.

I don’t see how a helper app would make any difference: You have to inject the events into the g_main_loop 
somehow in order to respond to them.

John Ralls

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