[gtk-osx-users] Thank you! Helpful posts in archive

Hi! Just wanted to say thanks for the archive of useful posts. Even
little almost-trivial comments like this one:


I'm currently engaged in three days' worth (so far) of yak shaving,
the current level of which involves trying to build GTK under OS X
Mavericks. Every time I run into trouble, I'm turning to my good
friend Google for help, and the results come sometimes from blog posts
saying "here's how to <exactly what I'm looking for>", but more often
from lists like this. No doubt you've all been told to remember the
value of the list archive, but here's a bit of concrete evidence:
these posts are of immense value to me right now :)

So, thank you all! Thank you for posting, and helping not just the one
person who asked the question, but the whole rest of the internet :)

Chris Angelico

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